Resources and References From Around the Web

Software References

  • Bithacks - An excellent resource for bit manipulation routines. This code is in the public domain and is used in a variety of projects I've worked on.
  • OS Development Wiki - wiki for diving into low-level operating-system concepts and OS design.


  • Clang C++ Status - Check in and see what new / experimental C++ features are currently supported by clang. Also a great way to learn about new features that you may not be aware of yet.
  • Fucking Clang Warnings - You may not always be sure what the warning name is for some of the stranger clang warnings. This guide will help you.


Modern C++

Hardware References

  • Battery University - Your product probably has a battery, and this website contains an information treasure trove.
  • USB PID Codes - In order to get a USB PID/VID code for your design, you need to pay USB-IF $5000. For open source hardware projects, will provide you a PID using their vendor ID, allowing you to save some valuable cash.


  • Startup school - open online course hosted by Y Combinator discussing starting a new company.
  • Pmarchive - a archive of Marc Andreesen's writings on startups

Open Source Software

  • Apple Open Source - Archive of Apple Open Source software. I frequently refer to source from Apple Open Source as a reference.


Blogs, News, & Periodicals

Here are some blogs and news sites that you can use to stay up to date on programming and embedded systems:

  • Programming
  • Embedded Systems
    • Ganssle Group - Jack Ganssle's website. Jack has graced the world with his wisdom, and I highly recommend reading everything he has written. He also puts out the Embedded Muse newsletter (also highly recommended).
    • Embedded Gurus - A collective blog run by a few embedded professionals. This blog was previously very active, but now is much quieter. However, it remains a useful reference and there are many great articles.
    • Embedded
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Hardware Product Design & Manufacturing


Useful Libraries



Recommended Reading

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