GitHub Search Query Cheat Sheet

I keep a cheat sheet of GitHub searches handy, and I figured I should share them with the world. Happy hacking!

Issue Searches

These queries are specific to issue/PR searches. I find myself regularly using these queries when getting my issue list organized.

Open issues which are not assigned to a project

no:project type:issue is:open

Open issues which have no milestone

no:milestone type:issue is:open

Open issues which have no label

no:label type:issue is:open

Open issues in a project

To search for issues in a project, you'll need to know the project board # (check the URL when looking at the board).

is:issue is:open project:<username>/<repo>/<project#>


is:issue is:open project:phillipjohnston/embedded-artistry/2

Useful Filters

Here are some GitHub search filters you can use to tune your searches.


If you want to search based on a date, you can use the created, updated, merged, and closed filters. These all accept datestamps in the format of YYYY-MM-DD.


You can use a < data-preserve-html-node="true" or > sign to search for before/after the date:


You can search a range of dates using the .. operator:


Programming Language

You can search based on programming language using the language filter:

language:c ascii fix

When a User is Mentioned

You can use the mention filter to find where a specific user was mentioned.


Limit Your Search to Comments

You can add the in:comments search to limit your query to the comments. Perhaps you're looking for open PRs that have been approved in the comments:

in:comments is:open is:pr shipit

Limit Your Search to Pull Requests

You can use the is:pr filter to limit your search to pull requests

Limit Your Search to Titles

You can use the in:title filter to limit your search to titles of issues and pull requests