Embedded Artistry Jenkins Pipeline Library

I'm excited to announce a new Embedded Artistry GitHub repository: jenkins-pipeline-lib

I've been overhauling our Jenkins build server setup to use pipeline multi-branch builds. I like the pipeline format: I'm thrilled that build stages are defined in a file that is stored under SCM with the source code. Developers can look at the commands being run and debug them locally, rather than trying to figure out how the build server works.

Since I support a large number of repositories, I created a pipeline library to contain common functionality and reduce bring-up time for new projects. Functionality includes:

  • Sending email notifications
  • Sending slack notifications
  • Retreiving the build log
  • Retreiving the git change log
  • Retreiving the git commit hash
  • Convenience functions for git tagging
  • Setting GitHub commit status
  • Filling GitHub issues

Using the Pipeline Library

I recommend forking the library so that updates don't surprise you by breaking your builds.

In order to use this pipeline library in your own projects, please see the Extending with Shared Libraries Jenkins documentation.


For example pipeline files which use this library, refer to the following repositories:

Further Reading: