Library for Multicore Systems: Embedded Multicore Building Blocks

Embedded Multicore Building Blocks (EMB²) is an open-source C/C++ library for developing parallel embedded systems applications. EMB² is built on top of the Multicore Task Management API.

EMB² provides generic building blocks for building parallel embedded applications, including basic parallel algorithms, concurrent data structures, and application skeletons. The majority of the framework is non-blocking manner, avoiding common multi-threaded problems encountered when using locks.The framework utilizes an abstraction layer that makes it easily ported to new operating systems and processor architectures.

EMB² is implemented as a C API with C++ wrappers. The project is based on C99 and C++03 to provide maximum usability in the embedded world. C11 and C++11 can be selected for use of the standard atomic operations instead of the EMB² atomics.

My favorite aspect about this project is the emphasis on quality: the project maintains zero compiler warnings, sports 90% unit test coverage, utilizes static analysis and automated rule checks, and has formally validated pieces of the system.

If you're looking for a simple framework to get started with multicore embedded development, check out EMB².

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