Announcing libc on embedded-resources

I have added an example libc implementation to the embedded-resources repository. This libc example is not complete, but will be improved and expanded upon as I work on this website.

Most embedded systems that I work on are resource constrained. My typical approach when bringing up a new system is to use a minimal set of libc functionality.

I will be rebuilding my minimal libc library as I progress from libc to libcpp. Over the years, I have found that the required functionality for different systems is usually kept at the same minimal set of libc support. I hope that you can also find use for this library in your own projects.

This libc implementation will be growing and evolving over time. Check back frequently for updates. Should you need a more complete libc implementation, please check out musl. I will be featuring other libc references on this site in the future.

You can build the libc examples by running:

  • make at the top level (builds all examples)
  • make libc at the top level
  • make in examples/libc

The libc example is currently compiling as a library (libc.a). The library is not currently in a readily usable state, so stay tuned!

Find the example libc implementation on github.