Particle: Changing Operating Modes using Baud Rate

I was working with the Particle electron recently, and I quickly grew tired of having to press buttons to enter DFU mode. A little bit of searching led me to discover that you can change modes by connecting to the USB serial port with a specific baud rate. (I was unable to find this mentioned in the Particle documentation, but perhaps I was looking in the wrong places.)

The special baud rates are:

  • 14400 baud: DFU mode (LED will flash yellow)
  • 28800 baud: listening mode (LED will flash blue)

For example, I now enter DFU mode on the particle by issuing the following command on OSX:

$ picocom -b 14400 /dev/tty.usbmodem0001

Hopefully this alleviates any frustration involved with frequently hitting two tiny buttons. Happy hacking!