Site Updates

While I don't have an article for you today, I'd like to announce some website updates I've made over the past two days.

New Resource Page: Development Kits

For those making their first forays into the embedded systems world, it's common to start playing around with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. However, these platforms are designed for beginners and quick prototyping. Many features are hidden from you, and most tutorials involve simple instructions like "include this library and call a function" or "download this python script and run it".

If you're looking to improve your embedded chops, these platforms and tutorials can feel a bit limited. I've decided to start maintaining a list of development kits that are suitable for intermediate embedded developers. These kits are typically intended for professional use and come with SDKs provided by the chip manufacturer. These kits give you access to the guts of an embedded program, allowing you to explore systems more deeply and to write more complex software. You will be exposed to bare-metal and RTOS programming - don't expect to find much Embedded Linux here!

Check out the Development Kit page! If you have any recommendations for other excellent development kits, I'd love to hear them.

Change Log

  • Around the Web
    • Added clang references
    • Added Modern C++ references
  • Beginner Page: renamed to Getting Started
    • Removed C++ Idioms Reference. I realize now that sharing older C++ development examples can produce harmful results. It is better to simply learn Modern C++ idioms.
    • Listed an initial recommendation of languages to learn
    • Listed a secondary list of languages to learn
    • Added another book on managing your software career
  • Glossary expanded with additional terms