Website Redesign!

You might have noticed that I've gone quiet the past few weeks. My dog has been very sick and I haven't had enough energy left to flex my writing muscles. In an attempt to get the creative juices flowing, I've redesigned the website and given it a totally new look.

I've also decided on a mission statement for my company and this website:

We strive to build high quality, thoroughly tested, and well-documented firmware for our clients and for embedded developers around the world. We aim to share modern development techniques and best practices so that everyone can benefit from our learnings. We seek to create systems and to automate best practices so we can improve as developers and human beings.

The "Resources" collection has been reorganized. I've also split up "Around the Web" into pages with more indicative titles:

I've also added some new pages to the "About" section:

I hope you enjoy the new look, and stay tuned for more articles!