Shipping Mindset

I keep a compilation of book notes and try to review them to keep the books and lessons fresh in my mind. I came across a few Steven Pressfield quotes regarding "shipping". This mindset is important when building embedded systems - if you don't ship, you have built nothing.

Why does Seth Godin place so much emphasis on “shipping”? Because finishing is the critical part of any project. If we can’t finish, all our work is for nothing.

How hard is it to finish something? The greatest drama in the English language was written on this very subject. Hamlet knows he must kill his uncle for murdering his father. But then he starts to think—and the next thing you know, the poor prince is so self-befuddled, he’s ready to waste himself with a bare bodkin.

That’s why we’re so afraid of it. When we ship, we’ll be judged. The real world will pronounce upon our work and upon us. When we ship, we can fail. When we ship, we can be humiliated.

--Steven Pressfield, Do the Work