Marvell AWS IoT Starter Kit

This is a great platform for learning more about the IoT ecosystem and building connected devices.

Marvell's MW300 SoC is similar to the nRF5x line and is aimed at the IoT crowd. The MW300 uses a Cortex-M4F core (same as nRF52) with an integrated 802.11 b/g/n wifi module. Marvell's SDK utilizes Amazon's AWS IoT framework for handling communications up to the AWS cloud services. The AWS IoT framework is a bit more involved than the Particle framework mentioned above, but it also provides more flexibility and extensibility. Marvell sells an AWS IoT starter kit that you can use for prototyping and for playing around with the AWS IoT service.

Marvell provides a limited SDK for free on Github. Some of the lower-layer code (such as the USB stack) is available only in library form. There is a full SDK, but you must request access from Marvell.

More on the MW300 and AWS IoT Starter Kit:

You can purchase the starter kit on Amazon