Change is in the Air

You may have noticed that our posting has slowed down this year. That's because our 8 month old baby and a consulting business have left little free time for the website.

We're changing that.

Out of all the work we do, we get the most joy out of creating high-quality embedded content and sharing it with the world. We want to continue to support the embedded community by sharing our hard-won knowledge. We want to focus on writing articles, building libraries, and creating learning materials to help embedded systems engineers reach the next level.

In order to pour the majority of our effort into the website and allow it to flourish, we’ll need support from our readers. We’ll be spending the next month updating the website with a member’s only area and new content.

This article will be the last post on the website in its current incarnation.

What's Staying the Same

Even though we're re-launching the site, some things won't change.

The blog will remain free, and we will commit to publishing at least one new article per week. The newsletter will remain free. We will also maintain our commitment to never place advertisements, corporate sponsors, or product shilling articles on our website. We value our ability to always speak truthfully.

What's Changing

While the existing website structure and content will largely remain unchanged, we will augment the Blog Archive and blog sidebar with additional ways to discover and explore existing content.

We are also adding membership tiers to support the website. Members will have exclusive access to new areas of the site. Initially, members will receive access to a members-only forum and the all new Embedded Field Atlas, a curated guide for learning embedded systems concepts.

The Field Atlas will feature a roadmap of foundational skills for embedded systems developers to master. It will also contain the thousands of links we’ve collected on hundreds of embedded topics. Information will be organized so you can quickly find what you need. The Field Atlas content and layout will be similar to our existing resource collections.

The Glossary will be incorporated directly into the website. Defined terms and acronyms will be highlighted in articles on the website. Hovering over glossary terms will show a tooltip providing a brief definition or explanation of the term or acronym. Members will be able to access a term page with additional information and links related to the topic. Members will also be able to suggest new terms for the Glossary and new categories for the Field Atlas.

Other member benefits include: stickers, free access to the yearly "Best of" e-book collections, discounts for Embedded Artistry courses and products, discounts for partner companies, and more.

What's Planned for the Future

Once we wrap up the initial re-launch, we have a roadmap of website content we will begin developing.

We will start by building hands-on courses that teach practical embedded systems skills, such as mastering the art of reading datasheets, writing device drivers, automated quality enforcement, unit testing embedded code, and setting up an RTOS for the first time. Courses will be available to everyone and members always receive a discount.

We will also release a members-only video library, featuring standalone video lessons that showcase our approach to building, debugging, and testing embedded systems.

Our free articles will continue to flow weekly - we still have countless ideas to explore with our readers.

See You Soon

Thank you for taking this journey with us. As the re-launch effort progresses, we’ll release more information about membership tiers and the new site on Twitter and in the Newsletter. We look forward to seeing you on the new site!

Embedded Artistry YouTube Channel

Over the past three years, we've shared dozens of YouTube videos on Twitter and in our newsletter. Most of those videos were shared only once. If you weren't looking at just the right moment, you missed the link. We've decided to collect our video recommendations in a YouTube channel.

We've created the following playlists and populated them with videos we've recommended in the past:

There are already many quality embedded systems playlists on YouTube. You can find our playlist recommendations in the Saved Playlists view and on the channel home page.

We will feature other channels that regularly publish quality embedded systems content, such as:

We will be continually expanding these playlists as we discover new videos. If you have videos to recommend to the embedded community, don't hesistate to leave us a comment.