Useful Software References

Blogs, News, and Periodicals

Here are some blogs and news sites that you can use to stay up to date on programming and embedded systems:

  • Meeting C++ - A collection of C++ articles from around the web. Updated weekly.
  • Meeting Embedded - A collection of embedded systems articles from around the web. Updated weekly.
  • Embedded in Academia - John Regehr's Blog, a great resource on undefined behavior and compilers
  • LLVM Project Blog
  • Ganssle Group - Jack Ganssle's website. Jack has graced the world with his wisdom, and I highly recommend reading everything he has written. He also puts out the Embedded Muse newsletter (also highly recommended).
  • Embedded Gurus - A collective blog run by a few embedded professionals. This blog was previously very active, but now is much quieter. However, it remains a useful reference and there are many great articles.
  • Embedded
  • Simplify C++ - Arne Mertz's C++ Blog
  • foonathan::blog() - Jonathan Müller's C++ Blog
  • Bartek's Coding Blog - Bartek's C++ Blog
  • Fluent C++ - Jonathan Boccara's C++ Blog
  • Sutter's Mill - Herb Sutter's C++ Blog

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  • Clang C++ Status - Check in and see what new / experimental C++ features are currently supported by clang. Also a great way to learn about new features that you may not be aware of yet.
  • Fucking Clang Warnings - You may not always be sure what the warning name is for some of the stranger clang warnings. This guide will help you.


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