Useful Software References

Table of Contents

  1. Websites
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  2. Embedded Systems Newsletters
  3. Embedded Systems References
  4. Software Design
  5. Modern C++
    1. Embedded C++
  6. General Software Development
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    2. Clang
    3. Jenkins
      1. Managing Jenkins
      2. Blue Ocean
      3. Pipeline


Here are some blogs and news sites that you can use to stay up to date on programming and embedded systems:


These websites collect articles around the web:

  • Meeting C++ - A collection of C++ articles from around the web. Updated weekly.
  • Meeting Embedded - A collection of embedded systems articles from around the web. Updated weekly.
  • Embedded Systems Weekly - a curated list of technical links related to embedded systems design


  • Code of the Damned - general architecture, soft skills, and C++
  • Embedded in Academia - John Regehr's Blog, a great resource on undefined behavior and compilers
  • LLVM Project Blog
  • Ganssle Group - Jack Ganssle's website. Jack has graced the world with his wisdom, and I highly recommend reading everything he has written. He also puts out the Embedded Muse newsletter (also highly recommended).
  • Simplify C++ - Arne Mertz's C++ Blog
  • foonathan::blog() - Jonathan Müller's C++ Blog
  • Bartek's Coding Blog - Bartek's C++ Blog
  • Fluent C++ - Jonathan Boccara's C++ Blog
  • Sutter's Mill - Herb Sutter's C++ Blog
  • Embedded Gurus - A collective blog run by a few embedded professionals. This blog was previously very active, but now is much quieter. However, it remains a useful reference and there are many great articles.
  • Stacey on IoT - a blog covering the IoT


Embedded Systems Newsletters

Embedded Systems References

Modern C++

Embedded C++

Software Design

General Software Development



  • Clang C++ Status - Check in and see what new / experimental C++ features are currently supported by clang. Also a great way to learn about new features that you may not be aware of yet.
  • Fucking Clang Warnings - You may not always be sure what the warning name is for some of the stranger clang warnings. This guide will help you.


Managing Jenkins

Blue Ocean