Collected below are useful resources for embedded systems developers. We've also shared our favorite resources for modern C++ and general software development topics.

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Embedded Software

Our favorite embedded software resources

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Modern C++

Embedded systems developers would benefit from learning and using modern C++



General Software Development

A collection of links related to software development





  • Crontab Help - for figuring out what your crontab schedule lines should be

  • Epoch Converter - I find myself referring to this site quite often during bringup and debugging

  • Fucking Clang Warnings - You may not always be sure what the warning name is for some of the stranger clang warnings. This guide will help you.


Recommended Videos

Our YouTube channel has a curated set of playlists related to programming and embedded systems. We’ve also saved high quality lectures and playlists from other channels on YouTube.


General Programming

Embedded Software


Multi-threaded Programming

Books We Love

Below is our collection of must-read books for embedded systems programmers.

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By Robert Greene
Show Your Work!
By Austin Kleon
Documenting Software Architectures: Views and Beyond (2nd Edition)
By Paul Clements, Felix Bachmann, Len Bass, David Garlan, James Ivers, Reed Little, Paulo Merson, Robert Nord, Judith Stafford