Best of 2016 Collection

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Best of 2016 Collection


Contained within this volume is a collection of our favorite articles published in 2016, packaged together for convenient reading in a single e-book. You can support the website through the purchase of these e-books.

The essays selected for our best-of collections are chosen for their general applicability and the chances that they will still be useful ten years from now. Programming languages, toolchains, processors, and development kits change with the times. Technological mastery is only a small part of what it takes to build and ship systems successfully. Every moment invested in improving foundational skills pays dividends on the road to mastery. 


  1. Giving Your Firmware Build a Version

  2. Schematic Review for Firmware Engineers

  3. Debugging Strategy: Finding Version from a Memory Dump

  4. Blanket Advice is Rarely Useful for Embedded Systems

  5. Social Aspects of Peer Review

  6. Certification Requirements for Shipping Lithium Ion Batteries

  7. Save State Often

Formats: .pdf (16 pages), .epub, .azw3, .mobi

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