Best of 2018

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Best of 2018


Contained within this volume is a collection of our favorite articles published in 2018, packaged together for convenient reading in a single e-book. You can support the website through the purchase of these e-books.

The articles selected for this edition contain a mix of embedded programming, lessons learned, debugging, and quality enforcement. In general, the articles we select for our best-of collections are chosen for their general applicability and the chances that they will still be useful ten years from now. Programming languages, toolchains, processors, and development kits change with the times. And while this edition features C-specific content, we must keep in mind that technological mastery is only a small part of what it takes to build and ship systems successfully. Every moment invested in improving foundational skills pays dividends on the road to mastery.

Thank you, reader, for your continued support. We hope that we can repay you by sharing our hard-earned insights for building high-quality embedded systems.


  1. Musings on Tight Coupling Between Firmware Applications and Hardware

  2. Musings on Supply Chain Vulnerability in Light of "The Big Hack"

  3. My Favorite Debugging Tip: Get Up and Take a Walk!

  4. Improving Our Software with 5 Lightweight Processes You Can Adopt This Month

  5. Demystifying Microcontroller GPIO Settings

  6. Simulating Open-Drain GPIO in Software

  7. Implementing an Asynchronous Dispatch Queue with FreeRTOS

  8. Embedded Systems Testing Resources

  9. Timeless Laws of Software Development

  10. Embedded Rules of Thumb

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