Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Template


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Template


Formats: .xlsx, .xlxt

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) template will help you stay on top of your networking efforts. This spreadsheet allows you to prioritize your contacts and highlights the contacts you need to reach out to next.

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This is the exact CRM spreadsheet that we use internally at Embedded Artistry to manage our contact list. Before using this template, we did a poor job at staying on top of our leads and clients - some would lapse for months without hearing from us, while others would hear from us three times a week. By keeping a list of leads, current clients, previous customers, service providers, and former colleagues, we no longer needed to worry about forgetting anyone in our network.

This spreadsheet allows you to separate your contacts into three different priority groups. Each priority group has a different threshold for changing the contact status from “green” to “yellow” to “red”. Whenever you are planning your networking activities, you can quickly glance at your CRM template and see which contacts have lapsed. Prioritize any “red” and “yellow” contacts in your networking efforts.

This template provides three usable tabs:

  • Active Leads represents the leads you are currently keeping up with. Whenever you contact someone from this list, note down the date for future reference. If you have some time to keep up with contacts, take a look at yellow and red entries and reach out to them.

  • Disqualified Leads is a storage sheet for leads you are no longer keeping up with, for whatever reason. This sheet simply serves as a record for your business.

  • Companies & Service Providers represents other businesses, contractors, and consultants that you have connected with. We like to keep a record of other companies and the services they provide so we know who to turn to for client referrals or for help on future projects.

The Tier column has 3 values: A, B, or C. These values indicate the priority of the contact, with A as the highest priority. The Tier combined with the Last Contact Date controls the conditional highlighting. The CRM template takes the current date and compares it with the thresholds for each tier, conditionally highlighting the cells as appropriate. This highlighting provides an easy indication at contacts which need to be prioritized.

  • Tier A:

    • Green within 14 days

    • Yellow within 15-30 days

    • Red if greater than 30 days

  • Tier B:

    • Green within 30 days

    • Yellow within 30-60 days

    • Red if greater than 60 days

  • Tier C:

    • Green within 60 days

    • Yellow within 60-90 days

    • Red if greater than 90 days