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The number of embedded devices being built is quickly increasing every year, yet embedded systems are still a mystery to many teams. We are here to help you demystify embedded systems development and to improve as embedded systems designers and developers.

It can be quite difficult to find quality embedded systems information. We seek to produce and share high-quality embedded systems resources to help you produce superior systems.

Our Mission

We strive to build high quality, thoroughly tested, and well-documented firmware for our clients and for embedded developers around the world. We aim to share modern development techniques and best practices so that everyone can benefit from our learnings. We seek to create systems and to automate best practices so we can improve as developers and human beings.

Company Story

Phillip and Rozi met in 2012 while working at Apple. Each was impressed by the other's dedication to the success of the product, producing high-quality work, creating reliable processes, and making no excuses. After the iPhone 6 and 6+ shipped in 2014, Phillip left Apple and spent two years at Pearl Automotive, a hardware startup in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Phillip founded Embedded Artistry in 2016 and focused on providing firmware support for early-stage hardware startups. Rozi joined the firm in 2017, adding her expertise in project management, product development, and manufacturing to Phillip's expertise in embedded systems development and manufacturing test design.

Embedded Artistry continues in its mission to help hardware companies build superior embedded systems, to produce tools and processes that improve our product development cycles, and to share our hard-earned knowledge with the embedded systems community.






What We've Accomplished

  • Shipping a total of 21 products
  • Combined support of over 100 manufacturing builds in China
  • Experience within a variety of categories: defense, automotive, consumer electronics, and manufacturing
  • Building open-source libraries for use on embedded projects
  • Providing a rapidly-deployable build server architecture

Consulting Services

Need help creating your embedded device?

Find out more about the consulting services we offer at our business website.

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