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This website is dedicated to building, programming, manufacturing, and debugging embedded systems. I started this site as a way to share techniques, processes, and lessons learned during my career. I'm here to distill these insights so you can improve as a developer and build better embedded systems.


The Embedded Artistry blog is the cornerstone of the website. Articles are typically published on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can find old articles by browsing the Archive.


The Embedded Artistry newsletter is released on the first Monday of each month. Subscribe to get access to programming tips, articles I've enjoyed reading, summaries of interesting new parts, companies looking for engineers, and other miscellanea. Old editions of the newsletter can be accessed on the newsletter page.


Embedded Artistry has multiple repositories on GitHub. Please feel free to use and modify the source code to fit your own needs. I welcome pull request, patches, and extensions to existing examples.


  • Around the Web holds my collection of reference websites, blogs, white papers, and useful libraries.
  • Looking to move beyond your Raspberry Pi or Arduino? Or perhaps you need some chip ideas for your next project? Check out my recommended Development Kits!
  • If you're just starting out with programming or embedded systems, I recommend stopping by the Getting Started page.
  • The Glossary holds an ever-growing list of acronyms and terms related to manufacturing, electrical engineering, and programming.
  • Useful hardware- and software-related documents and templates can be found on the Templates page. 

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