Finding Your Way Around the Website

We know how difficult it can be to orient yourself with a new website, especially one with hundreds of articles.

We want to share some of our favorite and most popular articles, introduce you to the wide array of resources available on the website, and showcase our newsletter and open-source projects.

Table of Contents
Favorite Articles | Most Popular Articles | Resources | Newsletter | Open Source Projects

Our Favorite Articles

We've shared a lot of material on our blog, but these are some of our favorite articles so far:

  1. Embedded Rules of Thumb
  2. Improving Our Software With 5 Lightweight Processes You Can Adopt This Month
  3. Creating and Enforcing a Code Formatting Standard with clang-format
  4. Implementing an Asynchronous Dispatch Queue
    1. Dispatch Queue Overview
    2. ThreadX Implementation
    3. FreeRTOS Implementation
  5. Implementing std::mutex with ThreadX and FreeRTOS

Our Most Popular Articles

Here are ten of our most popular articles:

  1. Circular Buffers in C/C++
  2. Implementing Malloc: First-fit Free List
  3. std::string vs C-strings
  4. An Overview of C++ STL Containers
  5. C++ Casting, or: Oh No, They Broke Malloc!"
  6. Demystifying ARM Floating Point Compiler Options
  7. Jenkins: Configuring a Linux Slave Node
  8. Installing LLVM/Clang on OSX
  9. Jenkins: Running Steps as sudo
  10. A Simple Consulting Services Agreement


Our website is more than just a blog. We also maintain a variety of resources and reference material:

  • Our Beginners page provides new developers with programming resources, introductory embedded material, career advice, and tool recommendations
  • We maintain an ever-expanding Glossary of manufacturing, electrical, and software terms
  • The Libraries page catalogues our favorite open-source libraries
  • Looking to try out a new platform? Try one of our recommended Development Kits
  • Improve your processes with our Templates for software development, manufacturing, and consulting
  • The Software References page contains our favorite blogs, newsletters, reference websites, and recommended articles
* Electrical engineers rejoice, we also maintain a Hardware References page

The Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter is a supplement to the website, representing our continued education and exploration of the embedded world.

Our newsletter covers a wide variety of topics, including:

Our newsletter is published on the first Monday of every month. Signup on our Newsletter page and browse our newsletter archive while you wait for the next edition.

Open Source Projects

We maintain a variety of open-source projects on our GitHub, such as libc, libmemory, and our Jenkins Pipeline Library. Libraries that are recommended for use by other developers will always be listed on the Libraries page.

The embedded-resources project is a companion to this website, as it includes a C & C++ examples that are discussed in our articles.