A Simple Consulting Services Agreement

When consulting, you encounter a wide variety of contract situations. At one end of the spectrum you have (usually larger) clients with a full-scale contract that consultants are expected to sign. At the other end of the spectrum are clients who will work without a contract and consider email agreement as sufficient.

We now have an in-depth consulting agreement that we use on our projects, but we did not start out that way. When we first started consulting, we utilized a lightweight agreement which was derived from one of the complicated templates that floats around Silicon Valley. We are making our Lightweight Consulting Agreement available to other consultants entering the business.

When we started the firm, we focused our contract on Ownership of Work Product, Representation and Warranties, and that we would maintain confidential information. We also included notes about how the client would be invoiced, what the fees and payment terms are, and the Term and Termination plan for the contract. You can include the project details in this consulting services agreement rather than in a separate project proposal.

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You can combine this agreement with our Project Proposal Template to impress your clients and start closing more deals.

Project Proposal Template

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This project proposal template is what Embedded Artistry uses for our consulting projects. Armed with our template, you will find yourself consistently creating powerful and sleek proposals for your clients.

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Disclaimer: We are not lawyers, and we make no guarantees to the legal protections of this document. We love our lawyers and recommend you find one to work with.

You can download our Lightweight Consulting Agreement for free from the Embedded Artistry store.


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