A Simple Consulting Services Agreement

When consulting, you encounter a wide variety of contract situations. At one end of the spectrum you have (usually larger) clients with a full-scale contract that consultants are expected to sign. At the other end of the spectrum are clients who will work without a contract and consider email agreement as sufficient.

Occasionally I work with a client who asks me to provide a consulting services agreement. If my normal product proposal is not sufficient, I usually utilize a lightweight consulting services agreement. This agreement is based on the consulting contracts that I've encountered throughout Silicon Valley, but has been stripped down to be a bit more human.

I aim to emphasize Ownership of Work Product, Representation and Warranties, and that I agree to maintain confidential information. I also include notes about how the client will be invoiced, what the fees and payment terms are, and the Term and Termination plan for the contract.

You can include the project details in this consulting services agreement rather than in a separate project proposal.

I've created two versions for you:

  1. Microsoft Word Template (.docx)
  2. Google Docs Template

I make no claims to the legal nature or protections of this document and would recommend checking with a lawyer regarding any concerns. I am personally comfortable using it for my own purposes.