Master Issue List Template

The world is full of issue tracking systems. GitHub, JIRA, Zendesk, and Bugzila are just a few of the numerous tools out there. These tools are extremely important pieces of our development processes and do a remarkable job at helping us stay organized. So why would you need yet another issue tracking method?

When working with external vendors or manufacturers, it can be extremely difficult to get them to use your internal issue tracking system. Each of their clients or partners probably uses a different system, and in China your awesome web-based tool may be blocked altogether.

To combat this, most CM and vendor teams prefer to utilize a spreadsheet for issue tracking. This solution works reasonably well, though if you don't have a template ready you might not be sure what information is important.

I've shared a Master Issue List template with you. I've used this exact template to work with multiple CM and vendor teams. This template was originally created to track firmware issues, but will work for tracking mechanical or electrical issues as well.

I've included a version field at the top. I recommend that you stress the importance of updating the version number on every document exchange. I've also created features that allow you to see the breakdown of issues based on their stage (open, in progress, waiting for feedback, closed).

You can view the Master Issue List template on Google Docs. Utilize and amend this template for your own projects!