foonathan/memory: Simplifying the C++ Memory Allocator

The memory library is developed by Jonathan Müller, a C++ library developer and author of foonathan::blog(). This library provides an new STL-compatible C++ memory allocator called RawAllocator. The RawAllocator is similar to the standard Allocator but is easier to use. The library also provides a BlockAllocator type which can be used for allocating large blocks of memory.

The project includes a variety of implementations, adapters, wrappers, and storage classes, including:

  • new allocator
  • heap allocator
  • malloc allocator
  • memory pools
  • static allocator
  • virtual memory allocator
  • make_unique and make_shared replacements which allocate memory using a RawAllocator

We are excited about using this library in our next embedded project and gaining increased control over memory allocations.

Further Reading

For more on the memory library: