We spend a lot of time talking about software, but we love our hardware brethren too! This page contains our favorite electrical engineering and product development resources.

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Books We Love

Websites We Love

Our list of essential websites for hardware engineers


Electrical Engineering

References, rules of thumb, and other useful resources


Product Development

Resources for those working on the product design and manufacturing

helpful websites


helpful links

  • USB PID Codes - Provides open source hardware projects with an official VID/PID, saving you $5000

Books We Love

We're always trying to share quality resources with others. Below you will find our favorite hardware-focused books.

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The Art of Electronics
By Paul Horowitz, Winfield Hill
Microelectronic Circuit Design
By Richard Jaeger, Travis Blalock
The Digital I/O Handbook
By Jonathan A. Titus, Thomas B. O'Hanlan